• Modernism was the new beautiful in ’60s Oldham

  • Smoking Chimneys were once the new beautiful in Oldham

  • Is the tram the new beautiful?

  • Gauging the beautiful erratic

  • Taking the measure of Oldham

  • Oldham: Home of the tubular bandage

  • History building futures / Futures building history

  • Oldham is pioneer country, it always has been

  • Broadcasting things you just wouldn’t believe about Oldham


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  • iofpidisqus

    Testing comments on the broadcasts page.

  • Elizabeth Rudd Kershaw

    I remember going to Henry Afrika’s and there being a great big snake that you could have your photo taken with. Really crazy nights out.

  • Elizabeth Rudd Kershaw

    Have just been reminiscing with collegaues over Henry Afrika’s and was remined of “Stan the Man” and “sexy Sue”. Also the DJ calling for a “bottle of Whiskey to the dancefloor” as code for when there was a skirmish or two!

  • Gareth

    We think we know where the elephant bone came from… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-24745705