• Modernism was the new beautiful in ’60s Oldham

  • Smoking Chimneys were once the new beautiful in Oldham

  • Is the tram the new beautiful?

  • Gauging the beautiful erratic

  • Taking the measure of Oldham

  • Oldham: Home of the tubular bandage

  • History building futures / Futures building history

  • Oldham is pioneer country, it always has been

  • Broadcasting things you just wouldn’t believe about Oldham



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  • Lyn Fenton

    That was then and it didn’t happen, there is a new Brave New Oldham that is beginning to emerge now, it is one that doesn’t sweep away the old just because it’s old, it looks to move forward whilst finding room for what we cherish from the past. In the coming weeks, check out how the town is changing and how bringing back the tram will transform the town