• Modernism was the new beautiful in ’60s Oldham

  • Smoking Chimneys were once the new beautiful in Oldham

  • Is the tram the new beautiful?

  • Gauging the beautiful erratic

  • Taking the measure of Oldham

  • Oldham: Home of the tubular bandage

  • History building futures / Futures building history

  • Oldham is pioneer country, it always has been

  • Broadcasting things you just wouldn’t believe about Oldham



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  • http://johndeccles.com/ John Eccles

    Ah the seventies, I remember nights out in places like this, every Friday night out on the town with the gang.

    Great times, but there were more people in the place when we went. Who else remembers the Cats Whiskers and Baileys?

  • Alan Ward

    Noel Edmunds … in an empty nightclub … in Oldham … musical heritage?