• Modernism was the new beautiful in ’60s Oldham

  • Smoking Chimneys were once the new beautiful in Oldham

  • Is the tram the new beautiful?

  • Gauging the beautiful erratic

  • Taking the measure of Oldham

  • Oldham: Home of the tubular bandage

  • History building futures / Futures building history

  • Oldham is pioneer country, it always has been

  • Broadcasting things you just wouldn’t believe about Oldham



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  • James Dawson

    The idea that there is a piece of Oldham in every Mobile phone is amazing. I recall that The Feranti factory in Oldham mass produced Bipolar Junction Transistors, that were ubiquitous in all printed circuit boards in circuit boards. Is it diodes that are in phones?

  • Margaret Woods

    I’ve heard that the machines that read or count money were developed and are made in Oldham and used all over the world today. Is it true then that there’s a piece of Oldham in the slot machines in Vegas then?

  • Diane Warburton

    Platt Bros. of Oldham, once the world’s leading manufacturer of textile machinery.
    Go to MOSI to see original machinery.